High quality material: made of high carbon stainless steel for pizza cutter.

Super Sharp blades are designed: the blades are 2 mm thick and the tips are sharp to ensure their own sharp cutting. The surface of the cutting tool material is brushed with a brushed matte surface, the surface is formed smooth, easy to use and clean, and can be quickly wiped with a wet sponge

Stainless steel pizza knife

Labor saving: The Pizza Cutter cuts the pizza very easily, can be enjoyed very quickly.

High quality oak handle, high grade. The two ends of the handle and the blade are stable, the blade will not fall off and will not be tired after long-term use

Easy to cut to produce any size pizza. Suitable for cutting cake or bread in the kitchen or dining room

Modern and stylish, this pizza knife is the perfect choice for a modern home. We are committed to providing high quality products. If you are not satisfied with our pizza knives, please feel free to contact us