Here at Asdirne, we believe in creating kitchen gadgets that are both stylish and easy to use. and that's exactly what you'll find when shopping with us. We create kitchen gadgets that people love and find genuinely useful to have stored away in a kitchen drawer or cupboard. Below you'll find an overview of everything we have to offer, but there is plenty more to find on our online shop, so click here for an even more in depth look!

Pizza Wheels

If you're just looking for a simple pizza wheel that does the job quickly and easily, then you can find plenty of options with us. Sometimes you just need a standard gadget that will glide across your pizza with ease, and our pizza wheels certainly do that If you re somebody who is looking for something a lttle more fun, then check out our pizza cutters section below - believe us, you won't be disappointed!


Pizza Cutters

Why have just a pizza wheel, when you can have pizza cutters that really add flair to your pizza nights? If you think like us, then here's a taster of what we can offer in the more.. unique pizza cutter department Pizza cutters shaped like a bicycle? Check. How about one shaped like a motorcycle? Also, check. What about a traditional pizza cutter with a wooden handle and stainless steel blade so we can feel like traditional pizza chefs? Asdirne is a brand that suppots ordinary and originality alike, and you can find it all with us - whatever you're looking for.


Dough Scrapers

If you're starting to see something of a trend here, then you'd be right We do love all things pizza, but we have plenty of other kitchen gadgets too. But before we show off some of those. indulge us one last time whilst we talk about our dough scrapers.
Dough scrapers are one of those kitchen gadgets that you didn't know you needed until you have one. Once you do, it's revolutionary when making your own pizzas (and other dough based goods) at home. And at Asdirne's constantly competitive prices, we're certain you'll be happy with the price you pay too!


Fruit Corers

Unlike dough scrapers, fruit corers are a kitchen gadget that everybody knows they really need, but just never get round to buying. Well, when you're checking out our online shop, why not head to the fruit corer section to look at the stylish, affordable, and perfectly food safe fruit corers we have on ofer. We're certain you'll find something that suits you!



We all have spatulas already; right? But we bet you don't have any like ours. Asdirne's spatulas are made of silicone, are naturally heat resistant up to 400F and all look incredible. You can pick up entire sets of spatulas, cooking spoons, and baking spreaders and brushes for an incredibly low price. We work hard to make sure that all our products are fit for purpose, and great value for money; so why not check out the spatulas section on our website too, and see if we have something for you.


Now, we've just tried to fit in everything we can about Asdirne in a very short space, but really, its our products that do all the talking. So, if what we've discussed today sounds like something you want to know more about, then head over to our website by clicking the link at the start of the article, and we'll let our products impress you themselves!