When we worked so hard to bake a beautiful pizza, tempted by the fragrance, we can't wait to taste it right away. But if you don't have a proper pizza cutter or master the correct cutting method, even the most attractive pizza may become devastated and fragmented.  Welcome to buy pizza cutters in Asdirne Kitchen gadgets.

If the failed pizza is presented to the diners, the first impression score will be reduced a lot, maybe it will affect the appetite. Therefore, it makes sense to say that "workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well". They are all pizza cutters, and the material application, overall design, convenience, service life, etc. are still very different.
How to choose a pizza cutter

For pizzerias, the common pizza cutters are mainly divided into two types- pizza hobs and pizza shakers . The scope of application is relatively wide, mainly depending on everyone's acceptance.
How to choose a pizza cutter

This is one of the main appliances for pizza cutting. The design is simple and user-friendly. The long handle is closely integrated with the round blade, and the bearing blade is driven back and forth by manpower to rotate, so that the pizza is cut cleanly and neatly. It is suitable for cutting all kinds of pizza, crepe pizza, thick bottom pizza, deep dish bottom, etc.

The blade of the pizza hob is round and the blade is extremely sharp. It rolls flexibly under the drive of a fixed bearing to achieve a smooth cut without repeated cutting back and forth, and will not damage the integrity and aesthetics of the pizza.

How to choose a pizza cutter

The surface of the knife body is polished very smoothly. When the pizza is sliced, it separates neatly and does not stick to the filling. Special reminder: For baked pizzas that need to be decorated, remember to do it after cutting. Such as sauces, basil leaves, arugula, cheese powder (slices) and so on.

Pizza hob & pizza shaker, which one is better to cut pizza?

Speaking of it, the pizza hob is very small, and the design is simple and practical, very user-friendly. The wavy arc design on the handle perfectly fits the hand of the handle, which is comfortable to hold and easy to cut hard, which is effortless and time-consuming. The protruding part on the front end facilitates the fixation of the power of the fingertips, ensures a safe distance between the fingertips and the blade, and avoids scratches by the blade.

The handle of the pizza hob is recommended to choose a safe and non-toxic material, such as food-grade silicone (plastic, metal, wood, etc.); and the blade usually chooses a hard and thick material, such as high-quality stainless steel; screw-reinforced bearings require flexibility Good, safe and reliable.

Pizza hob & pizza shaker, which one is better to cut pizza?

Reminder: The material of the blade is very important. It must have good strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance, so that it can be more durable. The design is simple and practical, so it is easy to operate and easy to clean.

How to choose a pizza cutter

Pizza shake knife Rocker Pizza Knife

The pizza shaker is also a common tool for cutting pizza, and its volume is much larger than that of the pizza wheel. The whole looks like a big scimitar, which can also be said to be half moon-shaped. One side is a sharp knife, and the other is hand-held. When cutting the pizza, you need to shake it back and forth.

It adopts V-shaped blade structure design, the blade is finely polished, and the blade is particularly sharp after the blade is opened. The blade should be carefully protected. To ensure smooth cutting, it is best to sharpen the edge of the correction blade regularly.

The size of a pizza shaker is generally about 52cm, which is more suitable for cutting pizzas with a larger diameter, and it can be cut cleanly with a strong swing.

Pizza shakers have thicker blades, hard materials, higher strength, and more durable.

It is recommended to choose a pizza shaker that is integrated with advanced technology, with a generous curling design, comfortable to the touch, and safe to use. The surface of the knife body polished by the wire drawing process is bright and shiny, with full texture and more high-end.

Of course, the shape of the pizza shaker is also diverse. In addition to the one-piece shape, some shakers have not built an integrated handle, but have been treated separately, adding wooden handles, plastic handles, and so on.

Pizza hob & pizza shaker, which one is better to cut pizza?

It is worth noting that although some pizza shakers are designed with hanging holes in the design, they are not recommended to be hung. They are easy to fall and may cause the blade to break. It is best to put it in the supporting rack and place it properly.

These are the two most conventional and professional pizza cutters. As for which one you prefer to use, it's up to you to choose.

The pizza hob is compact, which is more convenient to take and store; the pizza shaker will be more domineering. If it is an open kitchen, seeing such a "majestic" knife used to slice pizza is also a unique one in the store. Different highlights.

Special note: The knife used to slice the pizza is very important, and the choice of where to slice it is also very important. Using pizza cutters or hobs in the wrong place may contaminate the pizza (such as the cutting board for cutting vegetables, it will be unhygienic if shared). If you use it directly on the grilling net, baking tray, aluminum serving board and other utensils Cutting will not only shorten their service life, but the tool itself may also be damaged.

It is recommended that you slice it on a high-density, high-hardness wooden pizza serving board (not easy to leave cut marks, washable, and not concealed). After cutting, it can be directly used as a container, which not only heats up heat, but also allows Pizza looks more beautiful and more high-end.