Pizza cutters are a deceptively versatile kitchen tool. Their use expands beyond pizza to tortillas, doughs, and pastries. The best pizza cutter fits comfortably in hand and has a razor-sharp blade. It also rocks, rolls, or slices through thick pizza without dragging the toppings. When thinking of a pizza cutter, many people’s thoughts immediately jump to the classic wheeled pizza cutter, but there are many more designs out there, one of which might be perfect for your kitchen and cooking style.

Types of Pizza Cutters
Whether you’re dealing with a stuffed crust or Chicago-style pizza, the pizza cutter needs to slice without hesitation. True pizza gourmets may prefer the ease of a rocking blade, while bakers might be happier with a stainless steel wheeled cutter to use on pastry doughs or breadsticks in addition to pizza. Your available storage space and pizza preferences can help determine the best pizza cutter for you.

Wheeled Cutters

The Best Pizza Cutter For Your Kitchen Gadget Collection

These classic pizza cutters feature a wheel attached to a handle. A wheel presses down on the pizza rather than cutting through it with a sawing action as you would cut with a knife. Consequently, the wheel slices through the pizza without pulling off the toppings.

Stainless steel blades offer cleaning ease and durability, making them a popular choice for wheeled cutters. Some designs also feature stainless steel handles, and others have plastic or rubber handles with easy-grip designs.

Wheeled cutters often have an ergonomic design to ease the pressure on the hand and wrist while applying a downward force on the pizza. Some lack a traditional handle and instead have a rounded cover over the blade that fits into the hand’s natural curves, taking pressure off of the wrist.

The Best Pizza Cutter For Your Kitchen Gadget Collection

Rocking Blade Cutters

The Best Pizza Cutter For Your Kitchen Gadget Collection

Neighborhood pizzerias used to be the territory for finding rocking blade cutters. But for those who frequently eat or make pizza, a rocking blade can slice through pizza with quick efficiency. These cutters feature a single long blade with a curved center that allows it to rock from one side of the blade to the other. Vertical or horizontal handles on the blade’s dull side provide control over the cut.

Straight cuts are easier with these blades because you do not have to press them forward. There’s only a downward rocking motion, leaving behind straight, clean cuts.

These blades are effective and come in different sizes, ranging from 12 inches to 18 inches. Rocking blade cutters are large, so they take up more storage space than the other types of pizza cutters.

Pizza scissors are very similar to kitchen shears, with the angle of the blade being the major difference between the two. Pizza scissors have either a curved or flat side that slides underneath the pizza as it cuts. Kitchen shears can be used as pizza cutters to avoid having a single-use item in the kitchen.