Bench scrapers might be one of the least-known, most-adaptable kitchen tools. They cut, chop, lift, blend, smooth, measure, provide measurement-equivalent information, and clean surfaces. Bench scrapers are often referred to as dough scrapers or pastry scrapers, and they come in super handy when baking bread or working with other dough. If you haven’t tried this versatile tool yet, you really should!

The Best Bench Scrapers of 2021

The differences between bench scrapers are for the most part unnoticeable until closely examined, simply because they’re such a basic kind of tool. So how do you choose? First, you'll want to consider how a bench scraper feels in your hand. Is it heavy or light and can you move your hand and wrist well while working? Second, consider the size and the jobs you'll be using it for the most. Third, what is the blade like? In addition to levels of sharpness, some blades are more flexible than others. Some also come with measurement markings or a measurement-equivalent chart. Finally, there's the handle. What is it made out of, what color is it, is it shaped to be ergonomic, is it smoothly joined to the blade?

Here, our curated list of the best bench scrapers for your baking and cooking needs.

The Best Bench Scrapers of 2021

Best for Dough: Asdirne Stainless Steel Bench Dough Scraper

From scraping stuck-on dough off your work surface to cutting it into portions to lifting it into a pie pan, bench scrapers can be a pastry chef's best friend. This is a solid, well-designed bench scraper, with a sharp, stainless steel blade and a plastic handle.

The Asdirne Company has been in business with a focus on making high-quality cake decorating and baking tools for both professional and home bakers—so it's definitely a brand you can trust. The scraper is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, making it perfect for the frequent bread maker or aspiring baker.