As any kitchen pro will be happy to tell you, not all pizza cutters are the same quality.  Some take more effort to go straight.  Others go straight, but don’t slice well.  And others are really hard to clean.  Whatever your pizza cutter, there’s always some sort of problem.  But what if we told you that you just have to invest in the right pizza cutter?  It’s all about brand awareness and realistic selling features that won’t let you down.  Take a look.


Tips for choosing the right pizza cutter


       When you’re looking for a pizza cutter, you need to really focus on the priorities to the cutter itself, personally speaking.  These are slicing orientation, cut precision, and ease of cleaning. The sharper the blade, the better the slice.  No more hacking at a pizza trying to get it to cut all the way through.  When you are choosing blades, you’ll want to get either stainless steel or one with a non-stick coating.  Both will clean easily and safely!


How to clean and maintain a pizza cutter

       When you’ve chosen the right pizza cutter, you’ll need to learn how to clean and maintain it.  When cleaning, rinse off the toppings and sauce as quickly as you can after using it.  When you're ready to wash it, use a sponge or a microfiber cloth to gently clean around the face and the edges of the blade.  To keep yourself safe, hold the blade still with one finger and circle the cloth around the edge with the other.  This also makes sure that every part of the pizza blade gets cleaned, too!

       You’ll need to sharpen the blade just like you would any other knife blade.  Be careful to keep the edge nice and sharp for best use.  Every couple of years, especially if you use your cutter a lot, you’ll want to replace your blade.



How to use a pizza cutter to properly cut pizza

       Did you know that how you cut a pizza determines how effectively your pizza cutter works?  For easy and ouch-free cutting, use the blade to lightly indent the pizza cutting lines.  Start with one indentation down the centre.  Then the other way down the centre (making a cross or an X).  Then make another line in the middle of the X on both sides, forming eighths. 

When all of your lines are correct, press your blade down on your first line, right in the centre.  Cut from the middle out, from the middle of the pizza to the crust.  This will give your momentum to easily get through the crust, plus your toppings won’t squirt everywhere.  Move gently and methodically for the best results.  Do this with all of your lines and you’ll find that you’ve got even, perfectly cut slices that still have all of their toppings.  Plus, your hand won’t be sore from all of the cutting.

       Pizza cutting is going to be a challenge like no other, but now you are fully equipped with the know-how and the right Asdirne pizza cutter to do it like a pro!