There’s no shortage of ways to have more fun with your day to day life. If you need a little help with that in the kitchen, you’ll want to take a look at one of our favourite Asdirne kitchen gadgets, the motorcycle pizza cutter wheel! This is so much better than your average pizza cutter and it’s going to be a whole lot more fun to use, too. But, don’t just take our word for it -- take a look at its many perks below.
Asdirne motorcycle pizza cutter

The main differences between this pizza cutter and regular pizza cutters
To help you see just how useful this stainless steel motorcycle pizza cutter is, we’ve highlighted its main positive differences below to look at so that you can see for yourself just how much you need one:
Asdirne motorcycle pizza cutter

A motorcycle pizza cutter is great quality: With a sharp and precise cutting wheel made out of stainless steel, this novelty pizza cutter looks great and works really well. Much better than the low budget ones that you find. It won’t need a lot of effort to hack at your pizza -- it’ll just slice cleanly for a stress-free cutting experience.

A motorcycle cutter looks cool: This fantastic pizza cutter looks pretty cool, which is definitely going to be a huge upgrade from the standard ones with the wooden handles. Well made to make the most out of its black and red design, it’s going to be a great gift for anyone who loves motorbikes and pizza! Since it comes with a matching kickstand for the front wheel, you can put this on display as a fun piece of decor!

A motorcycle makes cutting pizza safe and fun: WIt ha non-slip and ergonomic handle hidden in the design of hte bike, this pizza cutter is going to make cutting slices easy and safe.

One added bonus is that this is a great pizza cutter for young cooks that are just getting used to holding, and using, a pizza cutter. It will keep them safe and slip-free, and it will make the experience more fun!
How to use your new motorcycle pizza cutter
Asdirne motorcycle pizza cutter

In order to use your exciting new kitchen gadget, you’ll want to wash it in warm soapy water first and let it dry completely. Then you can slice it through your pizza with its durable and sharp pizza roller doing all of the hard work for you. This will cut your pizza cleanly for better serving.

When you are done, this will quickly and easily wash off in warm soapy water and then you can store it by putting it in its included kickstand for the pizza cutter front “tire”!

When you are looking for a practical, safe, professional, and cool pizza cutter, make sure that you look no further than this motorcycle pizza cutter wheel. Easily one of the best Asdirne kitchen gadgets, this is going to be fantastic for really adding some fun and games to your kitchen life!